Ethernet PCB Checklist

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Published on 17 Jun 2020 - Updated on 05 Dec 2020
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Layout LAN - RGMII Check that maximum signal length is lower than 6 inches
Layout LAN - RGMII Check signal impedance
Layout LAN - RGMII Check if delay is needed
Layout LAN - RGMII Maximum skew for any signal group is +/- 0.1 inch (TX or RX)
Layout LAN - RGMII Avoid as possible reference plane change
Layout LAN - RGMII When there is a reference plane change, add bypass capacitors
Layout LAN - SGMII SGMII signals are routed like differential pairs
Layout LAN - SGMII Maximum trace length is 16 inches
Layout LAN - Connector Maximum trace length between PHY and connector is 5 inches