DRAM Schematics checklist

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Published on 16 Jun 2020 - Updated on 09 Mar 2021
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Schematics RAM Check that chips connection starts from CS0
Schematics RAM Check that VREF voltage dividers use 100 Ohms/1% resistors and 100nF capacitor
Schematics RAM Check that signals have termination resistors (M_Wen, M_RASn, M_CASn, M_CSn[3:0], M_ODT[3:0], M_A[15:0], M_BA[2:0], M_CKE[1:0])
Schematics RAM Check if designs use 1.5V (DDR3) or 1.35V (DDR3L)
Schematics RAM Check if Vref value is OK according to RAM voltage
Schematics RAM Check DDR3 reset signal is connected to CPU if a special reset pin is available or on system reset
Schematics RAM Check that each ODT signal is connected to the right CS signal
Schematics RAM Check that DQS/DQSn and DM signals are connected to right Data group (DQ)
Schematics RAM RAM topology is correct
Schematics RAM RAM frequency grade is correct
Layout RAM Check length of all signals
Layout RAM Check signals impedances
Layout RAM Clock are routed as differential pairs
Layout RAM DQS signals are routed as differential pairs
Layout RAM There is no reference plane change on the same layer
Layout RAM When there is a reference plane change, add bypass capacitors