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One device repaired = Less trash in the bin.

Repairing a Lego Duplo train engine

Lego Duplo train engine with blurred train rails as background

This time, I will repair my daughter’s Lego Duplo train engine. It is from a Train Deluxe LegoDuplo 10508 set, but I found two issues.
First of all, the locomotive has to make “Tchou Tchou” sounds, but it remains silent. It is an advantage for my dad’s ears, but I like to fix everything.
Secondly, the locomotive is slipping and cannot climb the bridge hill properly.

Fixing an Airelec Indigo towel dryer

Airelec Indigo towel dryer with towels as background

A fresh article with something new to troubleshoot. This time I will repair a tower rail that belongs to my father. It is an Airelec Indigo model, also sold under the Noirot brand.

This heater has two functions. A heating mode with a single heating element and a “forced operation” mode that allows you to quickly heat the bathroom before taking a shower. In the last mode, the heater enables a second heating element coupled with a fan.

This device works perfectly in simple heating mode, but when I enable the “forced operation” mode, the fan starts for a brief amount of time, then turns off, then turns on again for two seconds and so on. After several minutes of on-off cycles, the fan works continuously. At first glance, it looks like a power supply or a chip reset issue.

Repairing bean to cup Krups EA8800 coffee machine

Krups EA8800 bean to cup coffee machine

Today is a sad day, my coffee machine is broken ! No more engineer fuel 😢 After multiple tests, it looks like the coffee grinder is worn out. Coffee powder is accumulating and it blocks the grinder. My coffee machine is making a troubling noise but it does not make any more coffee.

First good news is that Krups brand is distributing spare parts. You can find them easily on the internet. I finally ordered a new coffee grinder on Midi Pièces Ménager website for 75€ including shipping costs. Cost is quite high but it is less than 10% of the cost of the machine.

Here I will detail how I teared down the coffee machine and how I fixed coffee grinder issues. It can be useful if you have the same type of machine.

Update from April 29th, 2021 : Added machine exploded view