Repairing bean to cup Krups EA8800 coffee machine

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Published on 22 Oct 2020 - Updated on 06 Nov 2020
Repairing bean to cup Krups EA8800 coffee machine

Today is a sad day, my coffee machine is not working anymore ! No more engineer fuel 😢 After multiples checks, it looks like coffee grinder is worn out. Coffee powder is accumulating and it blocks the grinder. My coffee machine is making a troubling noise but it does not make anymore coffee.

First good news is thats Krups brand is distributing spare parts. You can find them easily on internet. I finally ordered a new coffee grinder on Midi Pièces Ménager website for 75€ including shipping costs. Cost is quite high but it represents less than 10% of the cost of the machine.

Here I will detail how I teared down the coffee machine and how I fixed coffee grinder issue. It can be usefull if you have the same type of machine.

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Blog opening

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Published on 09 Sep 2020
Blog is now open, cheers !

Hi everyone,

I work to redesign my personal website, which was close to clinical death.
I will try to add more content by opening a blog section.


Docs section contains document I use for my daily electronics hardware engineer job.
It will be exclusively in english, because it is the hardware engineering language.
I use theses documents for my work to do computation or to share data with partners.


I will bring to life an old fashionned personnal blog.
My goal is to write articles about technical topics, like machine repairing or interresting stuff I find when I browse the web.
This part will be translated in french and in english, because there is few technical french content available on the Internet.

I wish you a nice tour on my website !


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